Experience of use Venoten

Martha (Bonn) told about Venoten application

Experience with Venoten cream by Martha from Bonn

My work as a consultant, when I had to spend all day on my feet, helped me to find out what varicose veins are. The swelling and aching pain manifested itself every evening, and later I began to observe how my legs were covered with swollen veins and swollen a lot. Bruises appeared that did not dissolve. It was terrible! At 36, I was not ready for such a picture!

In order to solve the problem, I have acquired numerous ointments and creams. Many of them were expensive, but I did not notice the effect of using them. Relief came only at the time of their application, and the symptoms, meanwhile, only increased. Unfortunately, then I did not have time at all to visit doctors and I had to cope on my own.

Introducing Venoten

My mother, who has already tried it, told me that Venoten can really help. I was surprised that I had not seen this cream anywhere on the open market, but it turned out to be very popular among those who suffered from varicose veins. My situation at that time was desperate - I was very afraid to get an operation in a couple of years, if I did not find an effective medicine.

I had doubts, but I made an order through the website. The ordering mechanism is simple, you just need to follow the recommendations, and the package came to me in a few days. The neatly packed box contained instructions on how to use, with all the necessary information.

The first impression of the cream was positive: natural ingredients, no contraindications, pleasant color and smell, easily absorbed and leaves no residue. All other means that I used earlier, I put aside. I applied it twice a day until completely absorbed on dry skin of the legs, where it hurt - from the thigh to the ankle. The sensations were pleasant.

Venoten cream consistency

My impressions of Venoten

The cream relieves painful symptoms within a few minutes after application. The severity, itching and aching pains receded the more, the more I used this cream.

The visible changes were noticeable after about one week. The swelling is gone and the skin is lighter. The veins were no longer bulging. For the first time, I was able to rest normally at night without painful cramps.

After three weeks, my legs were almost looking good. After a month, they no longer swelled, the pain completely disappeared. Even at the end of the working day, I could easily be on my feet without discomfort. All aesthetic defects have passed, and the skin has returned to its healthy color without spider veins. Now I do not hesitate to wear skirts, as my legs have returned to their previous healthy appearance.

I used Venoten for about two months to achieve the result. Now I will order it for prevention, because the problem is always easier to prevent.

Tips from personal experience

Of all the tools I have used, Venoten alone helped me. About others I can say - money is not a wind. This cream effectively copes with my problem and will definitely help you, do not hesitate! I recommend it to everyone and everyone is happy in the end.

But if you plan to buy a cream, then only from an official representative on the site. Elsewhere you will not find the original Venoten, so you can waste your time and money. Be careful and do not run your varicose veins like me.