How to treat varicose veins in women

varicose veins on a woman's legs

Women always strive to look spectacular to the maximum, but often illnesses do not give the desire to be embodied. Varicose veins on the legs become an intolerable difficulty for female beauty. Often there are two troubles at the same time - varicose veins and cellulite. Vein disease refers to vascular dilatation leading to impaired blood flow and valve failure. It is worth delving into the treatment process before the disease becomes irreversible.

Features of the disease

Varicose veins on the legs is a thickening of the walls of blood vessels where blood flows. The danger is that the appearance of the lower extremities will gradually deteriorate, the condition leads to thrombophlebitis. In some cases, there is a thickening of the actual legs in women. In general, there are many varieties of the disease, we list the common ones:

  1. varicose eczema proceeds as an inflammatory process with the appearance of ulcers, severe itching and darkening of the skin. Treatment of the lower extremities consists in stabilizing blood circulation, relieving inflammation and regularly moisturizing the foci;
  2. pronounced varicose veins are manifested by clear signs of the disease. Diagnostics makes a conclusion about the symptoms: cramps in the legs, burning and swelling of the lower extremities, the appearance of a bluish tint, bumps, in difficult cases, trophic ulcers. Surgical and modern treatment;
  3. neglected varicose veins on the legs in women is the third stage, which the disease passes through. It is caused by dryness and weakness of the limbs, the legs lose their healthy appearance, cracks appear. The disease manifests itself from the ankles and above - on the calf and thigh. Treatment is difficult and dangerous, often negative consequences;
  4. a chronic disease in which the lower limbs swell, hyperpigmentation, lipodermatosclerosis occur. If there is no treatment, the disease is aggravated, ulcers are formed. Treatment is assumed to be comprehensive, including prevention of venous congestion, preventing disability.

Chronic hypertension often occurs due to a decrease in pressure in the venous system. It leads to complication of the passage of blood through the veins. Diagnosis of the disease is important so that a woman does not get serious consequences for her lower extremities. Previously, functional tests were used for diagnostics, for example. Gradually, the methods were limited to X-ray methods. Today, varicose veins on the legs are detected in the following ways:

  • Palpation. Feeling by the doctor of the walls of the vessels of the dilated veins;
  • Ultrasound. Everyone knows how the device works. The method is painless and safe;
  • X-ray, or phlebography. Allows you to determine the condition of the valves, it is considered the most accurate among the analogues.

Bandage therapy

It is possible to treat varicose veins of the lower extremities in different ways. Doctors recommend using bandage jersey. Depending on the development of the disease, stockings or leggings. If symptoms of stagnation in the hips are noticed, the underwear is recommended high, if the bumps are visible only on the lower leg, it is permissible to choose leggings. If a burning sensation and swelling bother a part of the lower extremities, for example, on the right, a strong bandage is required for prophylactic treatment.

It will not work to stop the course of venous stasis of veins with compression linen, it is used as an auxiliary therapy. Leg warmers can be worn periodically or throughout the day. For women, it is convenient, especially at work, the underwear is high, with a skirt just below the knee, socks are not visible. At home, gaiters are replaced with elastic bandages so that inflammation of tired legs does not develop.

If you wear leg warmers regularly, you will get the healing effects:

  1. Swelling goes away, bumps are smoothed out.
  2. The diameter of the veins of the lower extremities decreases.
  3. The risk of developing blood clots is reduced.

First, the patient comes to the doctor with an illness, diagnostics, treatment are prescribed and gaiters are recommended. It is advised to take leggings or stockings, because problem veins are often located on the thighs, and bandage treatment is prescribed to the maximum. The products are recommended even during pregnancy, in the absence of stagnation in the legs or a desire to lose weight.

A woman must pay special attention to the expansion of the veins during pregnancy. At this time, it is even desirable to sleep on the left side. The explanation is simple - the vein runs to the right, the pressure on the vessel decreases. When sleeping on the side on the right, there is a risk of increased pressure. It subsequently increases the pressure in the lower extremities, leading to venous vasodilation. Prevention is a free procedure!

Remedies for varicose veins

Doctors recommend various remedies for expanding the walls of blood vessels, allowing them to treat patients, to stop the development of the disease. Treatment necessarily begins with a diagnosis, after which options for recovery are prescribed. The following means are prescribed by medical workers:

  1. Compression underwear: leggings, stockings, tights. Considering that a woman is created for bearing offspring, it is important that the vein on the right is not pinched during pregnancy. In an aesthetic sense, it is important for a woman to remove cones from the expansion of the walls of blood vessels, stop the disease and prevent disability. The bandage is worn on a permanent basis or periodically.
  2. Physiotherapy apparatus for varicose veins. Allows to treat varicose veins with exacerbation of varicose veins by magnetic fields. The procedures are quite effective and harmless. The blood circulation in the patients improves.

Other means of treating disease, vascular inflammation and swelling of the legs have been created. I am afraid of disability, which does not pass without a trace.

Home treatment and prevention

Home methods and remedies for varicose veins have been developed. It will not be possible to treat the disease exclusively at home. However, it is worth continuing to maintain a state of remission and carry out prophylaxis, avoiding disability. Home use options:

  1. A contrast shower for varicose veins should be combined with self-massage. Water flows from bottom to top. The difference between contrast temperatures is maintained up to 15 sec.
  2. Compression gaiters. Funds are selected individually in size. Can be worn at home or to work.
  3. Wearing orthopedic shoes. Recommended footwear for varicose veins. Relieves unnecessary stress on the lower limbs. It is important when varicose veins are associated with flat feet.
  4. Correct diet. The best option is proper nutrition. The Indian technique is popular. According to her, the patient eats exclusively fruits for a week, then gradually adds vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds to the diet. Bad habits, sugar and flour will need to be completely eliminated.
  5. Alternative medicine. These include nettle infusions and soups, herbal teas, baths, ointments from birch buds on alcohol. The methods are varied, but effective, loved by the people.

Remember, primary diagnosis is important. Try not to put off going to the doctor for a week or a month. Make an appointment with a doctor and you won't have to resort to surgical treatment. Do not lead to disability.

For prevention, it is worth more often to do therapeutic foot baths, to do gymnastics. Trays should be made herbal on the branches of oak, willow and chestnut with the addition of chamomile, caddie, St. John's wort and string. After insisting, add 3 loaves of steamed rye bread to the bath. The procedure is best done before going to bed for half an hour in a moderate water temperature (up to 43 degrees). Gymnastics will keep women's legs healthy and beautiful.